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Team Captains

Report Date: 2/21/2024 5:28 AM

Team Captain Captain's Home Phone Captain's Mobile Phone Location Location's Phone
2 Rods And 2 Boobs Charlie Browns
All Part Of The Plan Dylan White 208-340-2060 Firehouse Sports Pub
Coolarrows Roy Castro 541-325-3201 Bobs Steak N Spirits
Dilligaf Luis Gonzales 208-919-6869 Jacobs Well
The Rejects Valhalla
Throw At The Middle Phil Cosper 4582512869 Bobs Steak N Spirits
Throw Cuss Repeat Alfred Dias 510-905-9975 Bullseye Sports Bar
Trip Hazard Carmen Brooks 2083456750 Charlie Browns
Two And A Half Men Miguel Gallegos 5412129941 Bobs Steak N Spirits
Bjs Originals B Js Sports Tavern
Dart Vaders Reds Sport Shop
Jimmys Crickets Melody Bar
Joes Jenn Ramirez Joes River Bar
Joes Hoes Joes River Bar
Js Bulldogs J's Bar
Just The Tips J's Bar
Shakers Shakers
The Melody Four Melody Bar
The Misfitts Melody Bar
Aden Sam Remote
Lizz Remote
R Remote
What Do I Do Remote
3 Amigos Bullseye Sports Bar
A Unit Little B’s
ALMOST ALWAYS Bullseye Sports Bar
Bare Naked Darts Bryan Stanley Charlie Browns
Bonnie And Clyde Bobs Steak N Spirits
Bull Dawgs Jim Slocum Red Eye Saloon
Darty Old Men Ben McElwain 9868952908 Kickback Bar
Dont Know A Samantha Charlie Browns
Goofy Goobers Alfred Dias 510-905-9975 Bullseye Sports Bar
Heathauns Heather Caress 2089145329 Bullseye Sports Bar
Hell Hounds Bobs Steak N Spirits
Hit And Miss Rick Rhymer 2084121152 Bullseye Sports Bar
I Dont Care Bobs Steak N Spirits
In It To Win It Phil Cosper 4582512869 Bobs Steak N Spirits
Is It In Whiskey Creek
LFMP Bullseye Sports Bar
Squid In The Mud Charlie Browns
Suck My Bulls Bullseye Sports Bar
Trouble Bullseye Sports Bar
Two Of A Kind Firehouse Sports Pub
Batman Firehouse Sports Pub
Edgar Midway Bar
Jessica Melton Midway Bar
Jillian Midway Bar
JoAva Midway Bar
Kyle Firehouse Sports Pub
Mark Petes Place
Aztec Warrior Eduardo Caldera 541-212-9910 Bobs Steak N Spirits
Bigsexxxy Firehouse Sports Pub
BK Oak Barrel
Boss Fight Charlie Browns
Bulldozer Charlie Browns
Bye Kickback Bar
Kim Monroe Petes Place
Midwest Grown Charlie Browns
NO Bull Firehouse Sports Pub
Paul Francis Bullseye Sports Bar
Pete Urrutia Bobs Steak N Spirits
Squirrel Nuts Bullseye Sports Bar
Stuck Bullseye Sports Bar
Sugar Daddy Bullseye Sports Bar
Sweet Heat Brigitte Titus Firehouse Sports Pub
The Dude Valhalla
DahmerNators Alexys LeBlanc 2083508674 Breakaway Cafe
Darts Of Hazard Red Eye Saloon
Darty Deeds Colton Griffin 8016904759 Petes Place
Dewy Cheatem Howe Oak Barrel
IGY6 Michael Cly 2088010148 Sams Smokehouse
Juarez Firehouse Sports Pub
Just The Tip Ron Huffman Sawtooth Arco
L L Stacy Penfold 2083400190 Sams Smokehouse
Move2thepoint Reese Thomason Sams Smokehouse
Natural Selection Firehouse Sports Pub
Night Out Firehouse Sports Pub
Odins Offspring Valhalla
Sawtooth Hillbillies TOM KAY 208-995-4275 Sawtooth Arco
Secret Weapon Heather Caress 2089145329 Bullseye Sports Bar
Sexy And We Throw It Richmond Ignacio 2085719559 Bullseye Sports Bar
Sugar And Spice Norma Maes Firehouse Sports Pub
Throw For Initiative Bullseye Sports Bar
Wanna See Dead Body Sams Smokehouse
We Dont Know Bullseye Sports Bar
Wee Bee Crzy Nikki Adams 2087943644 Valhalla
Average Joes Joes River Bar
Biggie Smalls Melody Bar
Burro Sombreros Melody Bar
Darts With Benefits J's Bar
Is It In Melody Bar
Joes Bros Joes River Bar
Joes Gereatrics Joes River Bar
Js Bar J's Bar
Shakers Shakers
Sneaker Phuckers Melody Bar
Beer And Cider Mike Masonholder 208-861-8751 Bullseye Sports Bar
BMAD Ryan Jensen 2082866615 Bullseye Sports Bar
Bulldogs Roger Hare 2083509563 Bullseye Sports Bar
Hit Or Mrs Jake Rocha 2089140114 Bullseye Sports Bar
Scoobyboo Sara Bahmer Bullseye Sports Bar
The Gotch Yas Bullseye Sports Bar
Us Again Cambie Nelson Bullseye Sports Bar
3bag Tbag Jeremy Buttram 2089956975 Bullseye Sports Bar
Mexican Mafia Kyle Stradley 2088307351 Firehouse Sports Pub
NOOOOOOOOO Jeff Watters Breakaway Cafe
One Hole Out Sonny Silva Whiskey Creek
Right There Still Breakaway Cafe
Titties And Beer Bullseye Sports Bar
Your PITA Breakaway Cafe
Aimless Essobees Petes Place
Back To Darts Pauline Jones Petes Place
Big And Bad Petes Place
Bonnie And Clyde Petes Place
Here For The Beer Jakob Armstrong 801-628-2017 Petes Place
Jack And Sally Petes Place
Lady And The Tramp Petes Place
Nani And Lilo Petes Place
Redarts Petes Place
Slingin Arrows Petes Place
Tarzan And Jane Petes Place
Assholes With Darts Jeremy Buttram 2089956975 Charlie Browns
BAM Amanda McMillen 702-239-1035 Bullseye Sports Bar
Bearded Bastards JJ Bowling 208-989-5097 Firehouse Sports Pub
Prime Time Dylan White 208-340-2060 Bullseye Sports Bar
2 Holes Out Valhalla
Arco Fire Sawtooth Arco
Duck Darts Dude Bullseye Sports Bar
Gabe And Steven The Bank
Good Mood Food Charlie Browns
Jinn And Juice Sawtooth Arco
Ken And Jelly Bullseye Sports Bar
This Isnt Date Night Lane Vinson 2089198203 The Bank
BA Cox Brannen McMillen 555-555-5555 555-555-5555 Bullseye Sports Bar
Bunnies Or Bulls Carmen Brooks 2083456750 Charlie Browns
Chop Shop Kristopher Hunter 208-750-81500 Bullseye Sports Bar
Dos Putos 2 Mark Broccardo 9493706784 Petes Place
Ice Cream Jessica Melton 801-499-9536 Do Drop
Just Saiyan Dylan White 208-340-2060 Firehouse Sports Pub
Lost Boys Darts Petes Place
Lovett Butcher Jillian Phillips 8015984640 Midway Bar
Mattjjical JJ Bowling 208-989-5097 Firehouse Sports Pub
Mud Bear Bryan Stanley Charlie Browns
Not Dill Breakaway Cafe
Slinging Arrows Hunter Young 435-730-4548 Petes Place
The Perezezez Vince Perez 2089148683 Charlie Browns
Toxic Dill Breakaway Cafe
Were Back Phil Cosper 4582512869 Bobs Steak N Spirits
You Mad Bro Tim Morrison 4252102621 Breakaway Cafe
Bar Nuns Sawtooth Arco
Booty Bombers Lyndsie Fisher Pourhouse
Gaggle Of Heidi Watters Fishers
Lucky Darts Bobs Steak N Spirits
Ma And Me Justine Kay 2083533323 Sawtooth Arco
Purple Angels Debbie Cly Sams Smokehouse
Red Hot Tippers Pourhouse
Shitty Dicks Bullseye Sports Bar

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