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Schedule Report for STTU2P - South Town Tuesday 2PLYR

Report Date: 4/17/2024 6:41 PM

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
Steve Melius
7115 Boston State Rd Hamburg, NY 14075

2ADick Triples
Sonny Reds
Ryan Hill
1841 Abbott Buffalo, NY 14218

Josh Schosek
3719 Abbott Rd Orchard Park, NY 14127

4AM And M
Sonny Reds
Mike Barends
1841 Abbott Buffalo, NY 14218

Sonny Reds
Bronson Ricey
1841 Abbott Buffalo, NY 14218

6ASofa Kings
Sonny Reds
1841 Abbott Buffalo, NY 14218

7AWraith Cannon
Gerald Ginley
7115 Boston State Rd Hamburg, NY 14075

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 3/12/2024
Couzins Kettles Couzin's
M And M Dick Triples Sonny Reds
Sofa Kings Mungos Sonny Reds
BYE Wraith Cannon BYE
2 3/19/2024
BYE Kettles BYE
Wraith Cannon Sofa Kings Couzin's
Mungos M And M Sonny Reds
Dick Triples Couzins Sonny Reds
3 3/26/2024
Kettles Dick Triples Kettles
Couzins Mungos Couzin's
M And M Wraith Cannon Sonny Reds
Sofa Kings BYE BYE
4 4/02/2024
Sofa Kings Kettles Sonny Reds
Wraith Cannon Couzins Couzin's
Mungos Dick Triples Sonny Reds
5 4/09/2024
Kettles Mungos Kettles
Dick Triples Wraith Cannon Sonny Reds
Couzins BYE BYE
M And M Sofa Kings Sonny Reds
6 4/16/2024
M And M Kettles Sonny Reds
Sofa Kings Couzins Sonny Reds
BYE Dick Triples BYE
Wraith Cannon Mungos Couzin's
7 4/23/2024
Kettles Wraith Cannon Kettles
Mungos BYE BYE
Dick Triples Sofa Kings Sonny Reds
Couzins M And M Couzin's

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