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Superior Vending Inc.
3860 Labore Road
Vadnais Heights, MN 55110

Bobby Hague: 715-716-6038
Crystal Andersen: 715-307-1127

Schedule Report for 0SRMR3 - Summer Thurs Trips 2020

Report Date: 8/09/2022 9:21 PM

# Div. Team / Site Name Site Address Site Phone
1AJaybirds 2
Tipsy Tavern
 202 N Wilson Ave Rice Lake, WI 54868 715-234-1818
2ANutty Squirrel
Nutty Squirrel
 110 S Main Street River Falls, WI 54022 715-425-9064
3ARed Barn
Red Barn
 W4890 State Road 29 Spring Valley, WI 54767 715-778-5848
 121 Lakeview Dr Chetek, WI 54728 715-924-3100
5AThe Vogue
Neuie's Vogue
 1820 George St La Crosse, WI 54603 608-781-3860
 N1090 825th St, Hager City, WI 54014 Hager City, WI 54014 715-792-2217

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 6/11/2020
Red Barn Nutty Squirrel Red Barn
Woodshed The Vogue Woodshed
Reds Jaybirds 2 Red's
2 6/18/2020
Reds Nutty Squirrel Red's
Jaybirds 2 Woodshed Tipsy Tavern
The Vogue Red Barn Neuie's Vogue
3 6/25/2020
Nutty Squirrel The Vogue Nutty Squirrel
Red Barn Jaybirds 2 Red Barn
Woodshed Reds Woodshed
4 7/02/2020
Woodshed Nutty Squirrel Woodshed
Reds Red Barn Red's
Jaybirds 2 The Vogue Tipsy Tavern
5 7/09/2020
Nutty Squirrel Jaybirds 2 Nutty Squirrel
The Vogue Reds Neuie's Vogue
Red Barn Woodshed Red Barn
6 7/16/2020
Nutty Squirrel Red Barn Nutty Squirrel
The Vogue Woodshed Neuie's Vogue
Jaybirds 2 Reds Tipsy Tavern
7 7/23/2020
Nutty Squirrel Reds Nutty Squirrel
Woodshed Jaybirds 2 Woodshed
Red Barn The Vogue Red Barn
8 7/30/2020
The Vogue Nutty Squirrel Neuie's Vogue
Jaybirds 2 Red Barn Tipsy Tavern
Reds Woodshed Red's
9 8/06/2020
Nutty Squirrel Woodshed Nutty Squirrel
Red Barn Reds Red Barn
The Vogue Jaybirds 2 Neuie's Vogue
10 8/13/2020
Jaybirds 2 Nutty Squirrel Tipsy Tavern
Reds The Vogue Red's
Woodshed Red Barn Woodshed

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