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Superior Vending Inc.
3860 Labore Road
Vadnais Heights, MN 55110

Bobby Hague: 715-716-6038

Team Captains

Report Date: 2/04/2023 3:03 PM

Team Captain Captain's Home Phone Captain's Mobile Phone Location Location's Phone
Bangin The Neighbors Justin Polen 715-760-1311 The Detour
Duck And Run Kelly Mitchell 715-338-2034 The Detour
Girls Night Out Marge Quale 715-977-1085 The Detour
HULKS Shit Dart Team Justin Brandt 715-977-1085 The Detour
Jeweltown Shooters Justin Nelson 715-781-0771 Star Prairie Sp Bar 715-248-7018
Ragin Bull Kyle Rueckert 612-275-0009 Muddy Cow Litchfield 320-373-5505
Tipsy Tavern Kevin Drost 715-419-9666 Tipsy Tavern 715-234-1818

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