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Superior Vending Inc.
3860 Labore Road
Vadnais Heights, MN 55110

Bobby Hague: 715-716-6038

Team Captains

Report Date: 9/24/2023 9:03 AM

Team Captain Captain's Home Phone Captain's Mobile Phone Location Location's Phone
Aschbaucher N Wanger Amy Aschbacher 715-416-2294 Tipsy Tavern 715-234-1818
Gullickson N Warren John Warren 612-208-9697 Cliff N Norms Bar 612-529-9094
Hernandez N Thacker Tony Hernandez Stag And Lion 812-581-9511
Houd N Gorski Jenny Houd 715-896-1667 715-896-1667 Stag And Lion 812-581-9511
Hunter Kehoe Kelly Kehoe The Detour
Lanigan N Sorenson Mike Lanigan 320-405-9174 Muddy Cow Litchfield 320-373-5505
Larson N Kammerude Michael Larson 608-790-7503 Quailrun 608-647-3117
Roson Hasert Masewic Ed Rosson 608-386-1876 Jimmy's North Star 608-782-5565
Sloan N Harris Matt Sloan 507-313-3845 Wildcat Saloon Mn

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