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Capital City Games & Music Dart League


Report Date: 4/17/2024 5:00 PM


Team Player Cricket
Deal With It Amy 1.24
Deal With It GINA Zudrod 2.10
Deal With It Lee 1.77
Dynamic Duo Dale Fergison 1.19
Dynamic Duo Dale Gitlan 1.44
Ride Or Die DANIEL ZUBROD 2.74
Ride Or Die Kellie 1.77
Ride Or Die Rambo Penn 2.15
Scissors DENNIS 1.18
Scissors Gina 1.46
Scissors Hailee Mahoney 1.38
Scissors Jules King 1.48
Scissors Soon Lee Pils 1.02
Show Me Your Tips Alex 1.83
Show Me Your Tips Ken 1.86
The Dart Of War Dennis 1.27
The Dart Of War Katie 1.40
The Dart Of War KC Wesley 1.18
The Dart Of War Max 1.72
The Dart Of War Patty Donaldson 1.44

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