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Iowa State Dart

Team Captains

Report Date: 6/19/2024 8:58 PM

Team Captain Captain's Home Phone Captain's Mobile Phone Location Location's Phone
Brother And Co Logan Lutgen 319-404-1803 Dannys
Bye Erica Mallary 309-738-3058 Dannys
Fire In The Hole Tom Ford 515-205-2501 First Street Tavern
Hockey Sisters Rebecca Hockey 319-464-4533 Loftys Lounge
Riehl Deal Libbie Riehl 712-887-0335 AMVETS ROCKWELL CITY
ShawDogs Kyle Shaw 641-352-9551 The 918
The Boys Gage Smith 765-748-1165 Dannys
TP Sisters Taylor Pierrce 319-215-3913 Dunkerton

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